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Security and privacy screen for Texas Schools, TEA approved, 19 TAC §61.1031, 19 Texas Administrative Code, Sullivan 360

Chapter 61.


School Districts Subchapter CC. Commissioner's Rules Concerning School Facilities


§61.1031. School Safety Requirements.


(a) Definitions. The following words and terms, when used in this section, shall have the following meanings.

(1) Actively monitored--supervised by an adult who can visibly review visitors prior to entrance, who can take immediate action to close and/or lock the door, and whose duties allow for sufficient attention to monitoring.

(2) Exterior secured area--an areafully enclosedby a fence and/or wall that:


(A) if enclosed by a fence or wall, utilizes a fence or wall at least 6 feet high with design features that prevent it from being easily scalable, such as stone, wrought iron, chain link with slats or wind screen, or chain link topped with an anti-scaling device,or utilizes a fence or wall at least 8 feet high;


(B) is well maintained; and


(C) if gated, features locked gates with emergency egress hardware and has features to prevent opening from the exterior without a key or combination mechanism.


(3) Instructional facility--this term has the meaning assigned in Texas Education Code (TEC), §46.001, and includes any real property, an improvement to real property, or a necessary fixture of an improvement to real property that is used predominantly for teaching curriculum under TEC, §28.002. For purposes of this section, an instructional facility does not include real property, improvements to real property, or necessary fixtures of an improvement to real property that are part of a federal, state, or private correctional facility or facility of an institution of higher education, medical provider, or other provider of professional or social services over which a school system has no control.


(4) Modular, portable building--


(A) an industrialized building as defined by Texas Occupations Code (TOC), §1202.002 and §1202.003;


(B) any relocatable educational facility as defined by TOC, §1202.004, regardless of the location of construction of the facility; or


(C) any other manufactured or site-built building that is capable of being relocated and is used as a school facility.


(5) Primary entrance--


(A) the main entrance to an instructional facility that is closest to or directly connected to the reception area; or


(B) any exterior door the school system intends to allow visitors to use to enter the facility during school hours either through policy or practice.


(6) School system--a public independent school district or public open-enrollment charter school.


(7) Secure vestibule--a secured space with two or more sets of doors and an office sign-in area where all but the exterior doors shall:


(A) remain closed, latched, and locked;


(B) comply with subsection (c)(3)(B) of this section; and


(C) only open once the visitor has been visually verified.



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